Chapter 564: Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw

Chapter 564: Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw

The entire stadium was completely silent as they eyed Liu Qing who was standing as straight as a spear rod in the arena. This situation was something that even Zi Yan had not enjoyed when she had appeared earlier. Although she may be the true number one seat on the ‘Strong Ranking’, her reputation within the Inner Academy was incomparable to Liu Qing, Lin Xiuya, and the others because she had rarely exposed herself.

Liu Qing quietly stood in the arena. He ignored the various gazes around him. His eyes stayed shut as his hands hugged his chest, waiting for his opponent to appear.


A pale-blue human figure suddenly flashed onto the stage under the focus of everyone. The person who came forth was a young man wearing blue clothes. He was around twenty-four to twenty-five years old and his face could be considered handsome. However, his face was currently covered with bitterness. Other than a few countable people within this Inner Academy, it was likely that anyone else who picked Liu Qing as their opponent would also be this dispirited.

Ordinarily speaking, by meeting Liu Qing in the first round of drawing lots, one could be said to have completely lost the chance...

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