Chapter 558: The Start of the Grand Competition

Chapter 558: The Start of the Grand Competition

The moment Xiao Yan reported his number, Bai Cheng’s expression immediately stiffened. On top of it stiffening, there was even an additional paleness.

Bai Cheng had bore a grudge for Xiao Yan ever since he had been defeated by his hands, and he had been blaming his defeat on the matter of Xiao Yan swallowing the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’; perhaps this was because he did not want to admit to the true reason for losing. However, at this instant, an extremely faint fear rose in his heart. It appeared that although he was unwilling to admit it with his mouth, but in a deep region of his heart he did indeed feel a fear toward Xiao Yan.

Bai Cheng tightened his grip on the bamboo stick in his hand and eyed the playful smile that hung on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth. His face twitched a little as he lowered his eyes. That gaze was like he had grabbed a ravenous wolf with his hand. Dammit, even if I have to go all out this time around, I won’t give you the opportunity to place in a top ten position on the ‘Strong Ranking’.

Xiao Yan calmly eyed Bai Cheng who had lowered his head. He played with the bamboo stick in his hand, but was not too worried in his heart. Back then, when he was only a one star Dou Ling, he had been able to defeat Bai Cheng. Now that his strength...

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