Chapter 557: Determining One’s Opponent

Chapter 557: Determining One’s Opponent


A human figure that was like a black-colored metal pagoda carried a sharp rushing wind sound as his feet heavily landed on the ground. In an instant, the dark-black ground made of special material quietly formed a few tiny crack lines spreading from the spot where his feet landed. Moreover, the instant he landed, the dozens of competitors on the arena clearly sensed the ground shaking viciously. Immediately, they threw surprised gazes at that black shadow. Only when their gaze took in who that person was did they come to a sudden understanding.

Tyrant Spear Liu Qing. It was likely that he was the only one who possessed such a sharp overbearing brute strength.

The moment Liu Qing landed, his body was as straight as the body of a spear, not even bending a little. The black-colored heavy spear on his back was as tall as him and faintly a thick, heavy aura seeped out of it.

Liu Qing suddenly raised his head after landing on the ground. His gaze was thrown at a certain spot at the tall platform, and it was filled with a hot fighting intent. The place that the gaze was thrown to was the expected Lin Xiuya!

The gazes of the entire place followed Liu Qing’s sight and moved. Finally, they stopped at Lin Xiuya’s body. They sensed the sharp head-to-head aura of both parties...

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