Chapter 552: The Violent Activity Within the Tower

Chapter 552: The Violent Activity Within the Tower

The door was pushed opened. Immediately, a pale-red powerful light suddenly surged out, causing Xiao Yan to shut his eyes as a reflex. He only slowly opened them a long while later and eyed the scene in the room. The amazement on his face grew even denser.

The spacious interior of the training room had basically been covered by a layer of thick pale-red fog. One could merely see a spot two to three meters in front of him. Wherever one’s gaze was directed to the area ahead was covered by that rich dense pale-redness.

Xiao Yan’s face carried amazement as he stepped into the training room. His hand grabbed at the drifting pale-red fog in an illusionary manner. Immediately, a warm feeling was transmitted from his hand. A thread of pale-red fog moved along his opened pores and entered Xiao Yan’s body, turning into threads of pure energy that automatically flowed within his veins.

“What powerful energy!” Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He inhaled a deep breath of cold air. It was a long while later before he finally spoke in a soft voice. The degree of richness of the energy present in this place was at least more than ten times greater than that of a high grade training...

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