Chapter 550: Initial Exchange

Chapter 550: Initial Exchange

The spacious resting area had become a little quieter due to the ferocious aura that had suddenly erupted from the two people. Immediately, over ten human figures around them took a couple of steps back while wearing faces that showed that they were going to enjoy the show. Although one could raise one’s training speed by cultivating in the tower, it was also extremely dull and boring. They were naturally extremely happy to watch such amusing activity now that someone had started a fight.

Lin Yan was also startled when he saw Xiao Yan who had directly received Yao Sheng’s challenge. He was just about to stop the fight when he mused a moment. However, he did not speak. Although Xiao Yan’s strength was only that of a two star Dou Ling on the surface, he clearly knew that this fellow’s true fighting ability far exceeded this level. Hence, it was not an easy matter for Yao Sheng to defeat Xiao Yan even with the former’s strength.

“It is also good for him to sense a little of the fighting strength of the top twenty in the ‘Strong Ranking’.” Lin Yan thought in his heart as he took a step back. He smiled as he spoke to Xiao Yan, “Send this sissy rolling and see if he still dares to make noise toward you.”

Xiao Yan smiled...

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