Chapter 55: Accident

Chapter 55: Accident

Looking at the Primer Auction House’s ability to circulate information, one cannot help but admit that it was extremely effective. It had barely been a day since Xiao Yan had handed over his Foundation Elixirs to the Auction house, and yet almost every influential clan in Wu Tan city had already heard the news causing a great disturbance.

The only thing different between this auction and the last was the star of the show. The previous auction showcased the High Level Xuan Dou Technique, a piece which would fetch a sky-high price any day; because of that only the major powers had the qualifications to bid, those of lesser ranks could only watch in longing.

But to many people, the Foundation Elixir was a more realistic goal. To help their children become a Dou Zhe as quickly as possible, many elders of various clans were willing to spend quite a bit on advantageous items like the Foundation Elixirs.

Word of the Foundation Elixirs had spread enough to send the city of Wu Tan abuzz with excitement, even Xiao Yan, deeply secluded within his clan, caught wind of the news. Seeing the commotion over a mere seven bottles of impure Foundation Elixir had caused, though shocked, Xiao Yan was grateful for the being able to confirm the unique charm that the pills had on this continent.

On the second day, the Xiao Clan also received an invitation from the Primer Auction House. Most likely because Xiao Zhan had previously bought a Foundation Elixir. Several elders of the clan were interested in the appearance of the Foundation Elixirs, especially those who still had children whom had yet to achieve the level of Dou Zhes.

Xiao Yan had originally planned to sneak out in the afternoon, but before his plan came to fruition, he was stopped by a messenger from Xiao Zhan. Xiao Yan had no choice but to follow behind the messenger and walk towards the entrance of the clan.

At the entrance, Xiao Yan found not only Xiao Zhan, but also several elders that were gathered there, all bustling with excitement.

Raising his head to find the leisurely approaching Xiao Yan, a grinning Xiao Zhan urged Xiao Yan to come forward with a gesture of his hand.

Xiao Yan let out a sigh, seeing his father beckon him. As he walked forward, his glance fell upon the two figures next to Xiao Zhan and his eyebrows furrowed at the sight.

“Dilly-dallying, just like a woman……” Xiao Yu taunted the frowning Xiao Yan. She had been made to wait all day for the ‘princess,’ for this she was slightly angered.

“Are you really in such a rush to your funeral?” Xiao Yan rebutted in a matter-of-fact manner; Xiao Yu to ground her teeth in anger, almost chipping a tooth.

“Pffffttt.” Within the crowd, a young maiden’s mocking laughter rang out like a silver bell.

Tilting his head, Xiao Yan looked to see Xun Er standing in the middle of the crowd. Shrugging his shoulders at her, he smiled back, “Are you going to the Auction House too?”

“Staying within the clan grounds is really boring. I might as well go look around any time I can…” Xun Er squeezed her way through the crowd to stand at Xiao Yan’s side; her beautiful laughter echoing behind her as she walked.

“What's there for you anyways, except for, well... really at best only a few Foundation Elixirs? Nothing that would be of any use to you will be there.” Xiao Yan asked with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Hmph, YOU still dare to talkback? If it weren’t for those Foundation Elixirs, you'd be no where near my level?” retorted Xiao Ning bitterly, his feet still slightly unsteady since he had had only recently fully recovered. He had just healed from the fight he had with Xiao Yan 2 months ago, but now, as he looked at the two people being ridiculed standing so close to each other, his cheeks reddened with jealousy. It was as if he forgotten the lesson Xiao Yan taught him, after all that pain.

“You still itching for a fight?” Lifting his head to look at him, Xiao Yan’s expression was dangerously unclear, no one could tell if he was smiling or not.

“You…”Xiao Ning’s wrath grew along with the clenching of his fists, but slowly, his fists relaxed and returned to their original state. With a sneer, he followed with: “Don’t be so proud of yourself, although you managed to injure me that time, I still have to thank you for the experience. If it weren’t for this period of healing, I would not have even been able to get close to the 9 Duan Dou Qi. Within 7 days at most, I’ll be able to breakthrough to 9 Duan! After that, we’ll see who’ll be wanting to fight again and who will be the winner!”

Hearing Xiao Ning, some of the surrounding older clansmen couldn’t help but look astonished at his claim. Even the first elder nearby couldn’t hide the pleasant look of pride from his face. Really, this grandson of his never ceased to amaze him.

Xiao Zhan’s eyebrows wrinkled with some annoyance as he looked at the first elder. When he was about to wave his hand to signal for everyone to prepare to leave, he stopped as he saw Xiao Yan’s smiling expression towards Xiao Ning and was momentarily stunned with the words he was about to say died in his mouth.

Facing Xiao Ning, whose face still had that arrogant sneer, Xiao Yan yawned after a moment of silence. Then he shrugged his head and spoke with a neutral tone, “Well...this is quite embarrassing. Just a few days ago, I accidentally...entered the 9 Duan Qi. I’m afraid that it seems like you’re still a step behind.”


Right after hearing Xiao Yan, all of the surrounding clansmen went silent. Looks of shock and astonishment appeared on everyone’s faces as they watched the impassive face of Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan had said he broke accident?

Not knowing if they should either laugh or cry, everyone all had a similar thought. This kid had deliberately hit Xiao Ning where it hurt most, poor, poor Xiao Ning...

Xiao Ning’s arrogant smirk went rigid as he heard Xiao Yan. His mouth began to twitch slowly, and his throat was trembling. With an unwavering stare at Xiao Yan that lasted for some time, Xiao Ning finally backed down with a dejected look. He had thought that he could gain some face with his expected breakthrough but who would have thought that he was met with an even more shocking statement.

Jade-like hands supported a rather downtrodden Xiao Ning as Xiao Yu glared furiously at Xiao Yan, as if trying to burn holes into him. Surprisingly, she did not say anything to mock him, only thinking to herself: “How exactly does this little bastard train? It was only two months…… how could he have achieved 9th Duan?”

Even though there was bad blood between them, Xiao Yu was still mind-blown at Xiao Yan’s rapid progress.

“Haha ……” A peal of laughter thundered from Xiao Zhan, his previous annoyance fading away as he saw the surprised faces of his clansmen. Casting a glance towards the First Elder, he smiled and said: “Let’s get going, the auction is about to start, any more delays and we’ll miss our chance.”

Watching the elders walk out the main door, Xiao Zhan could not help but turn around and happily ruffle his son’s hair. He praised Xiao Yan in a happy tone: “Not bad, you have done your father proud yet again. That old fogey, the first elder, kept going on and on about how much talent his grandson until I almost felt like killing myself in irritation; he obviously wants the clan to invest in a bottle of Foundation Elixir for his grandson. Beating around the bush like that, what a super annoying old cheap-skate.”

With his hair ruffled into a mess, Xiao Yan forced a smile. He innocently spread his hands while taking a step out of the main door as he grudgingly replied: “Originally, I didn’t want to reveal it but he just had to force my hand……”

At a distance from the door, hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Xiao Ning’s mouth twitched as his heart became heavy with gloominess and depression.

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