Chapter 546: The Participation of the ‘Hall of Souls’

Chapter 546: The Participation of the ‘Hall of Souls’

Silence once again surfaced in the room. It was a long while later before Xiao Yan, who had understood the cause and effect, to slowly let out a breath of air. His voice was low as he asked, “How is big brother?”

“We were being chased all the way. With our strength, the Xiao clan’s elimination would not be unexpected if it continued. However, it was fortunate that some reinforcements appeared at a critical point which saved our remaining Xiao clan.” Happiness appeared on Xiao Li’s pale-white face when he spoke until this point.

“Reinforcements? There is still a faction in the Jia Ma Empire who dares to contend with the Misty Cloud Sect?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this as he spoke with a frown.

“The reinforcement appeared in the dark-black forest. At first, we also did not know about it. Those who came only revealed their identities after pushing back those that were giving chase. That person is also someone you know. It is that old man who had once followed beside you.”

“Hai Bodong? Old Hai?” Xiao Yan was slightly stunned. The face of an old man who always had a cold and indifferent expression slowly surfaced in Xiao Yan’s mind. Xiao Yan nodded as he came...

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