Chapter 542: The Talent to Hunt Treasures

Chapter 542: The Talent to Hunt Treasures

Xiao Yan once again stayed for half a day within the deep mountains after avoiding the search of the black-robed old man. Only then did he display his Purple Cloud Wings and return to the Inner Academy with a relaxed heart.

With the help of the dim sky, Xiao Yan once again successfully shook off those nosy people who wanted to challenge him. He entered ‘Pan’s Gate’ and swaggered back to the pavilion home. However, when he pushed open the door and entered, a white figure suddenly flashed in front of him, causing him to hurriedly take a cautious step back. He focused his eyes and took a look, and was involuntarily a little stunned. This white figure in front of him was actually that so-called first rank on the ‘Strong Ranking’, the avatar of a Magical Beast, Zi Yan.

At this moment, the white-clothed little girl was eyeing Xiao Yan at the entrance with an anticipation-filled gaze. Her dark-black eyes were filled with desire.

“*Cough*, Zi Yan, why have you come?” Xiao Yan relaxed his tensed heart. He let out a dry cough before rubbing Zi Yan’s little head. After which, he moved sideways and entered the room. Upon entering the room, he discovered that Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao were present....

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