Chapter 541: Pill Formed

Chapter 541: Pill Formed

In the azure sky above the vast mountains, a somewhat coarse energy glow shot into the clouds and did not disappear for a long while.

Yao Lao slowly sat up from the ground. He glanced at the enormous light pillar and frowned slightly. With a beckon of his extended hand, the light pillar immediately trembled. Finally, a thread of blue-colored glow rushed down before being suspended above his hand.

The blue-colored glow gradually diminished. Immediately, it revealed its actual body. It was actually an azure medicinal pill that was the size of a dragon’s eye. The surface of the medicinal pill was extremely round and sleek, much like the surface of a sea. The blue lines that faintly remained on it were like numerous waves, appearing extremely mysterious.

Following this thread of blue-colored glow escaping from the light pillar, the enormous light pillar appeared to have lost the support of its energy. It shook slightly before it gradually became illusionary and eventually disappeared altogether.

Xiao Yan only heaved a sigh of relief after eyeing the enormous light pillar completely disappear from the sky. If this activity were to continue, it was likely that the Elders in the Inner Academy would rush over after being alerted. Xiao Yan flapped his wings and slowly landed on the peak of the mountain....

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