Chapter 538: Refining the Ground Spirit Pill

Chapter 538: Refining the Ground Spirit Pill

Xiao Yan and Elder Hao exchanged glances with one another as they walked out of Elder Liu’s room. Both of them involuntarily laughed out loud.

“Elder Hao, I really have to thank you very much this time around.” Xiao Yan walked a little closer and softly said, “There will definitely be a reward for you in the future.”

“Ke ke, this is but a small matter. Our ears will be a little quieter now that that fellow has lost the thing he boasts about in front of us.” Elder Hao waved his hand. However, from the looks of his expression, Xiao Yan’s words still caused him to be quite happy. After all, he already had some intention of befriending Xiao Yan after witnessing the latter’s refinement skills. He was already quite happy at being able to get a tier five alchemist to owe him a favor that was neither large nor small.

The two of them chatted and laughed as they walked out of this quiet area where the Elders resided. The two of them separated at a fork in the road. Elder Hao needed to return to guard the medicinal warehouse, and Xiao Yan needed to return to ‘Pan’s Gate’.

Xiao Yan stood at the forked road and eyed Elder Hao’s back which had disappeared. He let out a long sigh, and the joy within his...

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