Chapter 537: Obtaining It

Chapter 537: Obtaining It

The green-colored lotus seed lay quietly in Xiao Yan’s hand emitting a faint glow. Although it was quite small, the powerful hot energy that it contained caused even Elder Liu’s and Elder Hao’s faces to be filled with surprise.

This green-colored lotus seed was the additional item that Xiao Yan had found when searching for the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ within the Great Tager Desert, the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. This kind of Fire Lotus Seed was agglomerated and formed from fire affinity energy after a long duration of time. Therefore, it greatly benefited those who practiced fire affinity Dou Qi. Back then, Xiao Yan had obtained a total of eleven ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. He had consumed one himself. Hence, he was left with only ten of them.

Back when Xiao Yan had just obtained the Fire Lotus Seeds, Yao Lao had told him that he should try his best to avoid revealing it in front of others. Otherwise, he might end up with a lot of trouble for no other reason besides the arousal of other people’s greed. Things were different now. Currently, Xiao Yan was no longer that small Dou Shi he was back then. There were also many trump cards that he had now. Even if he were to face an elite Dou Wang, Xiao Yan...

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