Chapter 536: Exchange

Chapter 536: Exchange

Xiao Yan followed Elder Hao as he walked out of the medicinal management warehouse. They walked slowly while following the main road. There were occasionally some students who saw the two of them walking side by side along the way. Surprise flashed across their faces. Elder Hao always looked at the others with a cold face. Therefore, other people both feared and respected him. All of them felt extremely surprised when they saw that he engaged in a smiling conversation with Xiao Yan. On top of being surprised, they could not help but view Xiao Yan a little more seriously. Everyone clearly knew the authority of these Elders within the Inner Academy. If someone did not open their eyes and offended them, these Elders may find trouble. Abusing one’s authority for one’s private purposes was something that inevitably existed even within this Inner Academy.

Xiao Yan did not pay much attention to those gazes along the way. Due to Elder Hao being by his side, even some of the students who recognized him and wanted to step forward to issue a challenge also weighed the situation and shrank back. Therefore, it saved Xiao Yan a lot of trouble.

“That Elder...

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