Chapter 535: The Final Medicinal Ingredient (Teaser)

Chapter 535: The Final Medicinal Ingredient

It was a long while before Xiao Yan, who was within a quiet secret room, finally recovered from the shocking news that Zi Yan had spat from her mouth. He rubbed his face with great strength and laughed bitterly. It was really unexpected that the first on the ‘Strong Ranking’, which was described by Lin Yan until it appeared that she was an immortal, was actually such a little girl. No, it should be said that it was a powerful Magical Beast with a human appearance.

“This little girl is also quite cute. I wonder why Lin Yan is so afraid of her. However, with her strength, she is really able to sit in the top position. Looking from her frightening strength, it is likely that even an elite Dou Wang would not dare to fight her head on.” Xiao Yan muttered softly.

“Although this little girl’s strength is so frightening that it is a little overboard, she appears to completely rely on her physical strength from the way she attacked earlier. She did not exert even the slightest energy.” Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded from within Xiao Yan’s heart in a slow manner.

“Is Teacher able to see just what kind of Magical Beast Zi Yan is?” Xiao Yan inquired.

“I cannot tell… she has consumed the ‘Body Transformation Grass’....

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