Chapter 534: Not a Human

Chapter 534: Not a Human

Xiao Yan’s eyes did not blink as he viewed the white-clothed little girl seated cross-legged opposite him within the quiet room. He really did not expect that such a cute little girl had originally transformed from a Magical Beast… Since he was born, this was the first time that he had seen a human transformed from a Magical Beast. Therefore, he felt surprise and gained a sudden understanding in his heart.

“No wonder she dares to eat medicinal ingredients raw. Her original form is actually a Magical Beast. With the strong body of a Magical Beast, the wild and violent medicinal strength is still within the boundary of her resistance.”

“Have you seen enough? Hurry up and help me refine!” The little girl became slightly angry as she was being studied by Xiao Yan. She immediately threw the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ in her hand to him and furiously spoke. Earlier, Elder Hao may have spoken to Xiao Yan in a soft voice but she could still clearly hear what he said.

Xiao Yan received the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ and smiled with a nod. He waved his hand and summoned his medicinal cauldron. The last time, his medicinal cauldron had exploded during the competition. Therefore, the medicinal cauldron which he used this time around was something which he had bought from...

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