Chapter 533: The Mysterious White-Clothed Little Girl (Teaser)

Chapter 533: The Mysterious White-Clothed Little Girl

Her voice was obviously a tender one and she had a cute appearance. However, the strange aura the white-clothed little girl emitted caused Xiao Yan’s mind to tense up.

He exchanged glances with her large dark-black eyes. A moment later, he laughed dryly, “Little girl, this thing tastes awful. Why don’t you give it to me.”

“I need to eat them if I want to grow up!” The little girl said calmly.

“It needs time for you to grow. By doing this, you are simply pulling the shoot to help it grow and does not have any benefits.” Xiao Yan’s face was calm, but his heart had become noisy. This strange little girl had already eaten one rare medicinal ingredient, and he was the only one who had just entered this medicinal ingredient management warehouse. It was likely that he would be in some trouble if Elder Hao was to look into the matter.

“Time is useless to me!” The little girl’s face sunk a little when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She used her tender tone to speak loudly.

“Oh, heavens!” Xiao Yan weakly patted his forehead as he felt a wave of a headache. Just where had this monster-like little girl ran out from? Not only was her strength so great that it was frightening, but her words were also quite strange. If she was just an ordinary little girl, Xiao Yan would forcefully snatch the ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’ even...

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