Chapter 532: Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit

Chapter 532: Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit

Behind the wooden door was a spacious room that was covered by a faint fluorescent light. Xiao Yan slowly walked, in as he gazed about in all directions. Surprise gradually surged onto his face. The inner wall of the entire room was wrapped by a creamy white layer of jade. Even the ground under his feet was put together by pieces of neatly arranged white jade without the presence of any crack lines. That faint fluorescent light was actually being emitted from these white jade pieces.

“What a grand masterpiece.” Xiao Yan clicked his tongue and exclaimed to himself. These white jade pieces were extremely expensive. However, they were quite effective when used to preserve medicinal ingredients. In this kind of airtight environment, these valuable medicinal ingredients would not lose even the slightest medicinal effect. Moreover, the time that they could be placed in storage lengthened greatly. This kind of arrangement was far from what Xiao Yan’s usage of the storage ring to store the medicinal ingredients could compare with.

The spacious room that was surrounded by white jade had a couple built-in walkways. Positioned on the two sides of the walkway...

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