Chapter 528: Defeating the Opponent (Teaser)

Chapter 528: Defeating the Opponent

Xiao Yan’s fist had become a little larger after swallowing the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ Adding the increase in strength from the ‘Octane Blast’ Dou Technique to that of the medicinal effect, the frightening wind that was contained on Xiao Yan’s fist nearly caused the faces of most of the people in the viewing gallery to be filled with shock. This kind of strength was something that even some people who had reached that of a seven or eight star elite Dou Ling might have difficulty displaying.

The wind formed on Xiao Yan’s fist. The air in front of him was also completely dispersed under this strike of his. His fist plowed through the empty space and vaguely contained a hot wind. A faint shadow of a fist was left behind wherever the fist passed.

Before the fist truly made contact with Bai Cheng, the air, that had been suppressed because of the strong and violent wind, had already shot heavily toward the thick dark-yellow Dou Qi Armor. A clear explosion immediately sounded and a dent the size of a palm appeared on the armor. However, the appearance of the dent merely lasted for an instant before it was completely repaired...

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