Chapter 527: A Powerful Strike

Chapter 527: A Powerful Strike

‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ Bai Cheng was not unfamiliar with the name of this medicinal pill. It was a tier five medicinal pill that even Han Xian could not refine back then. One could get a glimpse of just how great its effect would be by the appearance of those Elders back then. The medicinal pill that he had consumed earlier was named ‘Beast Strength Pill.’ It was merely a medicinal pill that had barely reached that of the fourth tier and it had an effect that was similar to that of the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ Both of them could increase the strength of the person who consumed it by a little for a short period of time. However, the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ had a degree of increase that was even stronger than the other pill. Hence, Bai Cheng’s expression immediately turned extremely ugly when he saw that Xiao Yan had actually taken out the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’

“You… are actually willing?” The corner of Bai Cheng’s mouth quivered slightly. One could not differentiate whether it was fear or bitterness in his voice.

“Ke ke, since Senior Bai Cheng is willing to take out a medicinal pill to consume, I, as an alchemist, cannot lose face, no?” Xiao Yan exposed his teeth in a smile. The white shiny teeth caused a coldness to form in Bai Cheng’s bones. Only now did the latter understand that this fellow in front of him, who appeared to...

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