Chapter 526: Fighting Medicine (Drugs?)

Chapter 526: Fighting Medicine (Drugs?)

The wind from the palm rubbed past the front of Bai Cheng. However, before Bai Cheng had the chance to rejoice within his heart, Xiao Yan’s elbow suddenly smashed down violently. The sharp wind gathered around Xiao Yan’s elbow, and the ear-piercing sound caused people to rub their ears since they were being shaken with pain.

Bai Cheng held the long spear tightly with his right hand and got it to make contact with the ground, stabilizing his body that was leaning back. His hand hurriedly charged forward before finally coming into heavy contact with Xiao Yan’s elbow. Forceful ripples spread out and the faint ‘ka cha’ sound of bones cracking appeared.

Bai Cheng completely felt the powerful strength contained in Xiao Yan’s elbow as his fist made contact with it. His expression immediately became pale. Under this powerful force, his body that was tilted back was forcefully smashed into the ground. Threads of crack lines began spreading from the spot where he fell.

Xiao Yan’s face was indifferent. He did not pause for even a moment. Green-colored Dou Qi swiftly agglomerated as he immediately kicked at the head of Bai Cheng, who had fallen on the ground. From his stance, if his kick were to connect, Bai Cheng would at the very least become unconscious...

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