Chapter 525: Fighting a Six Star Dou Ling

Chapter 525: Fighting a Six Star Dou Ling

Xun Er and the others were aware that Xiao Yan could suddenly unleash an extremely great strength. Therefore, they did not feel much surprise when they saw that his current strength had greatly soared. However, Lin Xiuya and the rest from high above involuntarily emitted a shocked ‘huh’ sound. They, who possessed powerful strength, were naturally able to discover that Xiao Yan’s current strength had nearly caught up with Bai Cheng. This kind of large increase, or leap of strength, really caused others to be astonished. After all, that was a total six star gap.

“This fellow, no wonder I felt a faint solemn feeling when I first met him. It is actually because he possesses such tactics.” Lin Xiuya’s eyes suddenly danced with an additional surprise within. Clearly, this eruption by Xiao Yan had exceeded his expectations.

Beside him, Yan Hao’s eyes were staring intently at Xiao Yan below. From the looks of his expression, he appeared to have quite a great interest in the way Xiao Yan suddenly unleashed his strength. He also nodded slightly when he heard Lin Xiuya’s words before his gaze moved up and finally landed at a place where it was a little dark. He could faintly hear...

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