Chapter 524: Fierce Fighting

Chapter 524: Fierce Fighting

The black-robed, young man who had suddenly appeared caused the noisy fighting arena to descend into an extremely brief silence. Upon hearing the words that were emitted from his mouth, everyone immediately understood just who the person who had come was. Immediately, the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ erupted into a thunder-like cheer. The remaining audience also carried some excitement as they weighed Xiao Yan. Their gazes had some anticipation. Xiao Yan’s alchemist skills were well known after his competition with Han Xian. However, having outstanding medicinal refining skills did not represent his fighting strength. In this place which was filled with violence, only the hardest fist could cause others to feel a deep respect in their hearts. All the other things like status were totally useless.

Therefore, upon Xiao Yan’s appearance, everyone wanted to see whether this young man, who had outstanding pill refining skills, would have a fighting ability that was sufficient enough to cause others to view him seriously.

The instant when Xun Er was shaken back, she had sensed a familiar strength. The powerful golden light agglomerated on her hands gradually disappeared as she allowed that gentle force to send her out of the battle circle. Her pretty eyes studied the tall figure in the battleground. Only then did she quietly calm down her raised...

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