Chapter 523: Appearance (Teaser)

Chapter 523: Appearance

The Fighting Arena was the most popular area within the Inner Academy. Usually speaking, the somewhat bloody area of the fighting arena was an opposing existence to the atmosphere of the academy. However, this Inner Academy did not shun this kind of conflict. However, it must be said that the decisions of the Inner Academy was a wise one. The existence of the Fighting Arena resulted in the Inner Academy students being different from the students of other academies, who merely knew how to fight on the surface. Should the students from the latter group fall into a brutal life and death battle, their feet would tremble.

Due to them being surrounded by the most chaotic region in the continent, the kind of students that did not have any experience with bloody fights would likely have the odds against them should they fall into the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ This was something that Jia Nan Academy, who had quite a number of conflicts with the ‘Black-Corner Region’ every year, could not be more certain about.

Under the precondition of having rich rewards of ‘Fire Energy’ in the Fighting Arena, there would be a countless number of students fighting at that place. Although most people wanted to satisfy their desires and make a breakthrough from a fight, being able to obtain the additional reward on top of the increase in fighting experience was something that everyone was extremely happy to receive.

The Fighting Arena could be described as having as many people as the mountains and seas. The noise and the various roars from within were something that one could clearly hear even if one was a hundred meters away.

The Fighting Arena was crowded,...

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