Chapter 522: Returning to the Academy (Teaser)

Chapter 522: Returning to the Academy

A black-colored human figure flashed about, like rolling thunder on the mountain peak. A faint silver-colored lightning glow was partially visible under the human figure’s feet. The enormous black ruler in his hands carried the suppressing sound of cleaving wind. Although the black ruler was extremely big, it was just like a longsword when it was held in the human figure’s hand. As it waved and danced, there was an agility and trickiness within its overbearing body.


Under the sudden hacking of the enormous ruler’s body, the sharp wind tore the air. A faint green glow shrouded its body, much like a cluster of green-colored flames. This caused the wind from the ruler to carry a hot feeling.

With the angry hacking of the black ruler, it finally carried a wild and incomparably ferocious force that violently hacked at a green rock by his side. The two came into contact, and a sudden explosion sound appeared. The tough green rock let out a ‘bang’ and was completely shattered under the ferocious force contained within the ruler’s body. Countless tiny rock fragments shot explosively all over the place. In merely an instant, only a small half of the green rock that was half the height of a person remained inserted on top of the mountain.


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