Chapter 520: Nine Star Da Dou Shi

Chapter 520: Nine Star Da Dou Shi

Being in a furnace. This was Xiao Yan’s current feeling. Moreover, this fire was actually rising from his bones. That pain caused Xiao Yan to inhale a cold breath of air. The multicolored medicinal liquid within the wooden basin was also bubbling more intensely. Moreover, one could even use one’s naked eye to see threads of extremely tiny energy swiftly shuttling through the water before finally charging into Xiao Yan’s skin. They then disappeared in an instant.

The strength of the energy that was contained within the medicinal liquid was something that he was still quietly shocked at. Especially now that he was truly experiencing it for himself, it was indeed worthy of being a natural spiritual object that had taken such a long time in order to agglomerate and take shape. This feeling was under the precondition of having other medicinal items to mediate it. If he were to directly soaked in it, he would not even know how he died.

As time flowed by, the multicolored bones in his body also strangely turned a little transparent. Under the observation of Xiao Yan’s mind, he could faintly see the swiftly rolling marrow within his bones.

The energy...

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