Chapter 52: Breakthrough

Chapter 52: Breakthrough

After the Qi Method selection, the entire clan seemed much emptier than usual. The young clansmen who were unable to achieve 7 Duan Qi had been assigned to various clan businesses outside of the clan home, where they would learn their respective tricks of the trade. The talented members of the clan, those who had successfully obtained a Qi Method, started to immerse themselves in rigorous training, in hopes of learning their Qi Method skill as fast as possible.

As the burning sun rose high in the sky, rays of heat baked the earth like an oven. Heat waves bled out of the ground causing ripples in the air, making the air distorted and blurry.

Within the dense forest atop the mountain bordering the Xiao Clan...

Sunlight trickled through the dense foliage, splattering the leaf-matted ground with tiny droplets of light –like a sky full of stars.

In the small forest two shadows weaved and crossed about, explosions rippled the air whenever their palms met. Violent winds gushed forth from each exchange, rushing through the fallen leaves and tossing them into the air.

Engaging in another fierce flurry of blows, Xiao Yan used both palms to parry Xun Er’s fair hands and a muffled ‘boom’ sound rang out with each counter. Though each attack looked light, in actuality whenever one landed it would instantly turn vicious and powerful.

The corners of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched as he was hit by a strong force, strong enough to cause him to stumble back two steps. Xun Er, on the other hand, was starting to get bruises on her delicate palms because of all the times she got hit..

Seeing Xiao Yan stumble backwards, a slight smile formed on Xun Er’s lips as her fair hands slowly danced in the air, her fingers wrapped in a golden silky glow.

“Tsk tsk, so strong... ” Settling down, the slightly shocked Xiao Yan inwardly shook his head and directed his eyes at Xun Er, she had a slight smile on her face. She then licked her lips, emitting a strong battle lust.

He abruptly pushed himself off the ground with the soles of his feet and dashed forward, specks of mud scattered in his wake.

With a glance at the incoming Xiao Yan, the corners of Xun Er’s dainty mouth lifted up as the golden glow on her hands intensified.

A small crater was left after Xiao Yan had started rushing forward. He suddenly stopped a meter away from Xun Er. So perfect was his stop, it seemed as if Xiao Yan had never moved at all.

Seeing the depth of control Xiao Yan possessed over his movements, Xun Er’s autumn water eyes couldn’t help but betray a sense of admiration.

“Octane Blast!”

As his running figure suddenly came to a halt, his right foot pushed off the ground causing his body to spin: increasing the force of his attack. Filled with power his left leg arced through the air, bringing forth an ear piercing shriek of wind. Fiercely, he angled his blow at Xun Er.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s fierce incoming attack, Xun Er slightly nodded her exquisite chin in response. her dainty hands formed into a strange semicircular shield of light that slammed against Xiao Yan’s left leg without hesitation.


A muffled boom resounded from the clash causing the leaves on the ground to be swept up into the sky, before scattering about.

Leg met fist in a momentary collision and a split second later, the two figures were pushed back.

The strength of the blow was enough to push Xiao Yan’s body four to five meters into the air. As his body fell downwards, he angled his right hand to face a nearby tree and emitted a suction force to negate the force of the fall. Jumping off a tree branch, he landed steadily onto the ground.

Lifting his head to look at Xun Er who was likewise pushed back a few steps, Xiao Yan smacked his lips and laughed, asking: “What was that Dou Technique you used?”

“High level Xuan Dou Technique: Swallow’s Return…… When mastered, it is able to return the force of an opponent's attack. I am only at the beginner’s level, thus I can only return about 10% of the power.” Xun Er smiled while replying.

Having understood, a thought emerged from within Xiao Yan: “Borrowing a force to counter another……”

“This Dou Technique that Elder Brother Xiao Yan used is not bad either. If Xun Er was not a one star Dou Zhe with a power beyond yours, I would be unable to withstand the strong force from that attack.” Xun Er smiled, her eyes forming two crescent moons.

Xiao Yan shrugged without commenting, lazily twisting his neck. A high level fight caused muscle fatigue and mental exhaustion to build up.

Rubbing the sweat that was pouring like water off his face, Xiao Yan silently cursed the hot and humid weather before he stripped off his shirt.

Under the shirt, his young, somewhat tanned and fit physique was revealed. Even though it was not considered muscular, his small body hid an explosive power.

Enjoying the half naked Xiao Yan, Xun Er’s beautiful face flushed.

Xiao Yan grabbed his clothes and leaned tiredly against a limestone rock. Facing Xun Er, he let out a bitter laugh, “Sigh, it’s already been two months, yet I am still stuck at the 8 Duan Qi……”

Looking at the somewhat helpless Xiao Yan, Xun Er pursed her lips and giggled. Gracefully sitting down, she joined Xiao Yan and leaned against the limestone rock. She retrieved the sweat filled clothes from Xiao Yan before gently drying the sweat off his body. Consoling him, she said, “The 8th to the 9th Duan Qi is the beginning of Dou Qi bottleneck stage. Xiao Yan ge-ge should not be impatient. When the time is right, all that should be, will be……” At this point, Xun Er suddenly sensed a heated gaze and looking up, she found Xiao Yan staring at her. Flushing red, she pouted playfully: “Xiao Yan ge-ge……”

The young maiden’s gentle and playful tone was like a refreshing breeze in the humid jungle.

Because of the hot weather, Xun Er wore a short, light-green apron that exhibited a lovely patch of white skin below her long, alluring nape. In addition to that, the developing marshmellows of the young maiden were revealed by the tight contours of her clothing, causing a sense of beauty in the youthful body. Faced with such a beautiful scene, it was no wonder that Xiao Yan felt slightly absent-minded.

Awakened from his stupor by Xun Er, Xiao Yan’s face flushed slightly. Letting out an embarrassed laugh, he lay on the cooling limestone, slowly closing his eyes, allowing Xun Er’s pair of tiny hands to gently rub across his body.

The corners of her rosy lips slightly tipped upwards as Xun Er helped wipe Xiao Yan’s body. Without turning, she secretly swept a glance across his body, only to be startled to find that unknowingly, he had fallen asleep.

Helplessly shaking her head, Xun Er also understood that today’s high level fight had caused him to be exhausted. Wrinkling her nose, she put down the clothes as a soft golden glow started to gather at her fingertips…...

Sneakily taking another glance at the unresponsive Xiao Yan, Xun Er laid a finger on Xiao Yan’s skin. Golden light followed the path along the finger and seeped into Xiao Yan’s body…...

As golden light was transferred, beads of sweat started to roll down Xun Er’s forehead and she could be seen slightly gritting her teeth. Just as she prepared to continue the transfer, a surprised look flashed across her face.

As he was in a deep sleep beside the limestone, an unfathomable sucking force suddenly originated from within Xiao Yan’s body. Lines of Dou Qi gathered from the surroundings and started to quickly flow into his body…...

“Oh…... Is it a breakthrough?”

A gasp of shock and awe could be heard as Xun Er’s small mouth formed into the shape of an O and she quietly watched Xiao Yan as he unknowingly absorbed Dou Qi.

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