Chapter 518: Agreement

Chapter 518: Agreement

Queen Medusa coldly watched Yao Lao appear. However, there was not the slightest surprise on her bewitching face. Instead, she said with a cold smile, “I have long since sensed that this fellow had a strong person hidden by his side. So, it was actually a spiritual body.”

Although she spoke in this manner with her mouth, her advancing footsteps were slowly withdrawn. This old man with an illusionary body in front of her gave her a faint oppressive feeling. This feeling was not weaker than the one Yun Shan gave back then. If she was at her peak condition, she would not fear him. At this moment, however, she needed to constantly separate some Spiritual Strength to suppress the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ in this body. With this split focus, her strength was somewhat reduced.

Yao Lao smiled indifferently. He waved his hand and got Xiao Yan to step back a little. Only then did he smile and continue, “I am also clear about your current condition. Therefore, there is no need to show such a stern murderous aura in front of me. Although I am currently only in my spiritual state with a significant loss to my strength, it is likely that you will not gain any advantage if we were to really fight.”


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