Chapter 514: The Fight Between the Python and Ape

Chapter 514: The Fight Between the Python and Ape

Stars filled the sky as icy-cool moonlight scattered down from above, wrapping the entire mountain region in a layer of faint silver light. It caused the region to appear hazy and mysterious.

Other than some Magical Beasts searching for food within the mountains deep in the night, most of them had returned home to sleep. The entire forest had descended into silence at this moment. It was a long time before a low roar was slowly transmitted from far away before finally spreading and gradually disappearing.

A black figure suddenly and quietly flew through the pitch black night. A pair of enormous wings flapped slightly, lifting a tiny air flow. The figure’s body borrowed the tiny air flow as it flashed across the night sky, passing through without disturbing anything.


A human figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere on top of a tree outside of the valley. His gaze was shining as he eyed the interior of the dark-black mountain alley. Due to the ferocious battle during the day, the entrance to the mountain valley was a total mess. Large and small craters spread out in a chaotic manner.

Xiao Yan laughed softly as he eyed the deep mountain valley. He waved...

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