Chapter 513: Invitation

Chapter 513: Invitation

Xiao Yan smiled and spoke as he eyed the shock covered cold, alluring face, “Are you injured?”

“No.” Han Yue shook her head. Her gaze was odd as she looked at Xiao Yan in front of her. The moving flush on her face was quietly reduced as she said a soft thanks. Immediately, she sighed, “It has only been two to three months since I last saw you but you have become much stronger than before. It is likely that there is hardly anyone within the Inner Academy who can surpass your speed.”

The speed of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ after its mutation was something that even someone of Lin Xiuya’s strength could not dodge. Yet, Xiao Yan in front of her was able to rescue her in that split second. This speed was likely something that not one of them present could compare with. This was basically a kind of complete transformational change compared to a couple of months earlier. It was little wonder that Han Yue would lament.

Xiao Yan smiled once again, but did not say anything. He turned his head and his gaze moved toward the red figure which had flashed back to the ground and appeared on an enormous rock. A solemness immediately flashed across his eyes. At this moment, the snow white fur all over ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ had completely turned into a kind of blood-red color. The killing intent and violence in those large scarlet eyes had become denser. Waves of seemingly substance-like fog repeatedly seeped out from within its body. Once this blood-colored fog contaminated the tree leaves, it would erode the latter until nothing was left. From the appearance of this aura, its strength had nearly soared...

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