Chapter 512: Wild Violent Bloodline (Teaser)

Chapter 512: Wild Violent Bloodline

The sudden appearance of the Dou Qi wings on Lin Xiuya’s back not only caused Xiao Yan to be shocked. Even Yan Hao and the others who were familiar with him had faces that were involuntarily stunned. It was a long while later before they gradually recovered. They exchanged glances with one another, and a solemn look flashed across all their eyes.

Although Yan Hao had touched a little of the barrier of the Dou Wang class, that little contact merely caused him to be a little stronger than an ordinary strong person at the peak of the Dou Ling class. There was still a great gap if he wanted to reach the point where he could truly rely on his strength to agglomerate Dou Qi wings just like Lin Xiuya. From this, one could see that Lin Xiuya had once again surpassed him.

Dou Qi transformation into wings was basically an extremely symbolical result in the training of Dou Qi. This symbol represented a natural barrier in becoming a strong person on the continent. Everyone clearly knew that as long as one was able to transform Dou Qi into wings, it represented that one would be able to enter into the class that caused countless number of people to halt their progress: Dou Wang! The simple two words were the symbol which countless numbers of talented individuals had trained hard to achieve. However, the hardship that these two words represented caused most of the people to halt their progress before reaching that stage. Finally, these people would quietly withdraw.

Dou Ling and Dou Wang were merely separated by a class. However, the difference between them was larger than any of the class differences before them. Those of the Dou Ling...

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