Chapter 507: Successful Refinement

Chapter 507: Successful Refinement

Following the appearance of the green fire, the green-colored Dou Qi instantly turned from a gentle sheep into a ferocious hungry wolf. It immediately began to form a capsule-like shape as it surrounded the threads of vague silver-colored energy that were lingering in the middle.

“Hiss hiss!”

Faced with the swarming green fire Dou Qi, the silver-colored energy was somewhat unresigned as it once again erupted with a powerful glow. It was like a hedgehog which had sensed danger, erecting the spikes on its body with the intention of frightening away the enemy.

However, after the green-colored fire mixed with the current Dou Qi, the certain coercion contained within the silver-colored energy no longer posed the slightest pressure on the former. Instead, when the silver-colored intense glow soared, the green-colored flame within the Dou Qi appeared to have been provoked as it swarmed out with a chi sound.

The first brush of the two kinds of energy caused an energy ripple to be swiftly emitted. However, there was Dou Qi blocking all around it, which prevented it from causing much damage to the interior of the body.

The green fire and silver-colored energy intertwined with one another. In merely a short while, the strong silver-colored glow began to show signs of defeat as the glow...

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