Chapter 506: Wind-Lightning Strength

Chapter 506: Wind-Lightning Strength

The thick, dark clouds piled layer upon layer and blanketed the entire sky. Occasionally, there would be flashes of lightning around ten feet long winding through the dark clouds, much like a giant silver-colored python. It would tear through the sky, and its eye-piercing intense glow would cover the entire mountain range under the brilliant might of the Heavens. Under this kind of extremely wild environment, even the indigenous Magical Beasts of the deep mountains did not dare to carelessly appear. All of them shrunk within their caves. There were some faint low roars that followed this wind as it spread throughout the mountain range.

A small tree was uprooted, without reason, not far from Xiao Yan’s body. After which, it was heavily thrown down the mountain peak. There was not the slightest sound being transmitted from below even after a long while.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on a green rock. His hands were tightly holding the silver-colored scroll. Under this kind of terrible weather where lightning occurred simultaneously, this scroll, which usually appeared old and ordinary, gradually emitted a faint warmth. Occasionally, Xiao Yan would even be able to see threads of extremely small silver-colored lightning flickering from within when...

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