Chapter 505: Training, Three Thousand Lightning Movement

Chapter 505: Training, Three Thousand Lightning Movement

The lush green color extended to the edge of his vision within the vast deep mountains. It was like a borderless green-colored sea. When one stood within and the wild wind blows, the sea of trees would sway, and a green-colored wave that was over a thousand feet long would come sweeping over from afar. The sight was so spectacular that one would be left speechless.

A rushing wind sound suddenly sounded above the sea of trees. Immediately, a figure rushed over from the distance. Finally, his pair of wings flapped slightly, and his body was suspended in mid-air. He eyed the boundless sea of trees below and laughed bitterly. It was really unexpected that the forest outside the Inner Academy was actually this vast. Moreover, speaking from a certain point of view, the Magical Beast Mountain Range that spread horizontally over the Jia Ma Empire could not compare with it.

Xiao Yan sighed. He felt a little helpless as he recalled the harsh training environment that Yao Lao had mentioned. Where was he going to find a swampy area within these vast mountains?

Xiao Yan’s gaze searched all around him. He heard some low and deep Magical Beast roars and hisses deep in the forest. Finally, he gently flapped the Purple Cloud Wings...

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