Chapter 504: Recruitment

Chapter 504: Recruitment

Three days had passed since the pill refining competition. During these three days, Xiao Yan’s amazing and envious medicinal refining skills were spread by word of mouth by most of the Inner Academy students.

At this moment, the reputation of Xiao Yan in the Inner Academy was likely comparable to that of those top experts in the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking.’ An alchemist who could refine a tier five medicinal pill would be able to enjoy the same treatment as a strong Dou Wang or even a Dou Huang no matter where one was. One could get a glimpse of this from the suddenly warm attitude that those Inner Academy Elders suddenly displayed toward Xiao Yan.

In the past, those Elders merely treated Xiao Yan as a student with massive potential due to the quiet orders that First Elder gave to specially take care of Xiao Yan. However, they were now truly treating him as a person on the same level of them when they conversed. There was an additional politeness that was difficult to discern when they spoke or conversed. After all, these Elders clearly knew in their hearts that the value of an alchemist who could refine a tier five medicinal pill far...

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