Chapter 503: Victory

Chapter 503: Victory

The entire stadium descended into silence because of the dark-red medicinal pill that lay quietly in the hands of the black-robed young man. A long while later, the silence was finally broken by a furious voice. One could see Han Xian swiftly walking over to where Xiao Yan was. His reddened eyes were just like a gambler who had lost until he was bankrupt, “Impossible, there is definitely some fraud. This fellow must have used the opportunity of the rising white fog earlier to cheat!”

When they heard Han Xian furious roar after losing himself, not only did most of the people in the stadium frown, but displeasure also quickly flashed across Elder Hao’s face. Xiao Yan had refined under his very eyes. If one said that Xiao Yan had cheated, did that not mean that person was mocking him, saying his old eyes were muddled.

“Student Han Xian. Please pay attention to your words. It is not up to you to decide whether it is fair.” Elder Hao coldly glanced at Han Xian as he cried out.

Hearing Elder Hao snap at him, Han Xian finally recovered from the state where he lost himself. He hurriedly bowed and apologized when he saw the displeasure on the former’s face. He clearly understood just what kind of power these Elders had...

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