Chapter 502: Fortunate Not to Fail One’s Expectations

Chapter 502: Fortunate Not to Fail One’s Expectations

Translated By: Arron

Edited By: Comfortabull

Following the completion of Han Xian’s refinement, some private conversations involuntarily sounded within the stadium.

“Has that fellow successfully refined it?” Wu Hao was extremely familiar with combat, but he totally knew nothing about refining pills. When he saw Han Xian walk away from the stone table, and hand over the medicinal pill in his hand to Elder Hao, his eyebrows were involuntarily knit together.

“I don’t think so. It is rumored that when a tier five medicinal pill takes shape, there would be some unusual phenomenons. However, other than a wave of ordinary medicinal fragrance earlier, not even the slightest unusual phenomenon occurred. Moreover, the expression of that Elder Hao does not appear to be that of someone who has just seen a tier five medicinal pill.” Xun Er mused for a moment before shaking her head slightly as she softly spoke.

Wu Hao and the rest at the side nodded slightly when they heard Xun Er’s analysis. They lifted their gazes, and turned their attention toward Xiao Yan, who was still pouring all his attention into the refinement. They spoke softly, “However, even if Han Xian did not successfully refine it, he does at least have something to hand over. If Xiao Yan’s hands still remain empty like earlier, the victory would still go to Han Xian even if the both of them eventually fail in the refinement.”

“Just pray that Xiao Yan ge-ge can successfully refine it.” Xun Er laughed bitterly. At this moment, she could only speak in such a comforting manner. Xiao Yan appeared to be...

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