Chapter 501: Half Finished Product

Chapter 501: Half Finished Product

Han Xian’s expression clearly became much uglier when he heard the laughter that sounded in the stadium. A snort that suppressed his anger was emitted from his throat. His eyes stared at the golden-colored flame still rising in the medicinal cauldron. Once again, his palm swiftly grabbed the medicinal ingredients on the stone table and threw them into the medicinal cauldron.

This time around, Han Xian clearly paid much more attention compared to earlier. However, his mind had similarly formed some ripples because of his first failure.

Xiao Yan on the other side had completely shut his eyes at this moment. He did not make even the slightest movement from Han Xian’s action. When they saw his strange manner, the crowd in the stadium involuntarily became a little astonished.

In the arena, the medicinal ingredients on the stone table were thrown into the medicinal cauldron one at a time by Han Xian. This time around, he clearly managed to progress further than before. Under his attentive focus, he had refined over twenty medicinal ingredients within a short five minutes. Seeing that his condition this time around was this good, those members of the ‘Medicine Gang’ which had come to cheer for him could not help but applaud...

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