Chapter 499: The Competition Topic : Dragon Strength Pill

Chapter 499: The Competition Topic : Dragon Strength Pill

Under the countless gazes in the audience, the two human figures in the arena stood and raised their heads proudly. They straightened their bodies as they set off different auras. It was clear that they both had an imposing presence. The eyes of quite a number of females of the Inner Academy in the audience flickered slightly.

Elder Hao was wearing plain clothes as he stood between Xiao Yan and Han Xian. Although his hair was white, his other aspects had a sturdiness that did not lose to a young person. He may possess a smile on his face due to the atmosphere today, on a face with some wrinkles, but from the looks of the faint sharpness in his eyes, this Elder Hao really did give off the impartial feeling that Lin Yan had mentioned.

As Elder Hao coughed softly once again, his voice which contained powerful Dou Qi suppressed the voices in the entire stadium. His gaze looked over the entire stadium before he took out a slightly yellowed ancient scroll from his storage ring in a slow but orderly manner. He smiled faintly and said, “The old me has always had great interest in the refining of pills. However, due to the harsh conditions of an alchemist, I could only quietly give it up. Today, I...

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