Chapter 497: Han Xian of the Medicine Gang

Chapter 497: Han Xian of the Medicine Gang

Not far from the entrance of the ‘White Gang’ was a spacious open area. At this moment, this open space that was empty for a long time was being surrounded by a crowd that came from every direction until it was bustling.

Numerous gazes that contained various emotions were emitted from the crowd. There were also numerous private whispers, eyeing the people from the two groups which were facing off against each other.

One of the two groups present in the open ground had more people than the other. There were at least forty to fifty people clustered together. Just this imposing presence without mentioning any other thing was sufficient to let others feel surprise. The other side, on the other hand, had fewer people. From a rough count, they had around thirty people. However, regardless of whether it was in terms of aura or their expression, these thirty plus people did not show any sign of being frightened just because the other side had more people. Instead, each of them was more arrogant than the other. The intention to provoke within their eyes was extremely rich.

“Xiao Yan, are you thinking of giving the ‘White Gang’ a blow by leading so many people over today?” Bai Cheng hugged his arms and laughed mockingly at Xiao Yan from the leader’s spot in front of the ‘White Gang.’ Behind him stood Bai Shan, Fu Ao, and the...

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