Chapter 496: Conflict

Chapter 496: Conflict

Xiao Yan eyed the number that had reached a high of three hundred forty-eight on his green Fire Crystal Card within the large hall. He was involuntarily a little absent-minded, and was filled with emotions. Now that they had this route of selling medicinal pills, the matter of being frustrated and distressed over ‘Fire Energy’ could be considered to have been thrown far behind him.

At this moment, Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao were also seated in the large hall. After two days of selling medicinal pills, their medicinal pills had also gained some reputation. Therefore, the current ‘Pan’s Gate’ could be considered to have gradually got on track. Therefore, they did not need to personally show their faces during the sale. Instead, they simply just announced a specific selling place and let the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ wait there. All they needed to do was wait to collect the ‘Fire Energy’ at the end.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s emotional manner, Xun Er laughed softly, “Although selling medicinal pills is indeed very lucrative, if we did not have Xiao Yan ge-ge’s speed and success rate in refining medicinal pills, we would also be unable to achieve our current success. I have heard that even with the entire ‘Medicine Gang’ refining pills,...

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