Chapter 495: Plentiful Gains

Chapter 495: Plentiful Gains

The sky had gradually become dark by the time Xiao Yan had woken from his deep sleep. The setting sun descending in the west scattered the pale-red light into the window, forming a dense light spot on the ground.

Xiao Yan sat up in the chair, and eyed the blanket that covered his body. His heart felt a slight warmth. He stood up and walked a little to move his body a little. After having slept until he was satisfied, the earlier tiredness had vanished. Replacing it was a face filled with energy.


While Xiao Yan was walking back and forth, the door was suddenly gently pushed open. A human head was carefully extended inside. Upon seeing that Xiao Yan had woken up, he finally sighed in relief. He laughed and said, “Chief, you can really sleep. You have slept all the way from morning to night.”

“Ke ke, so it’s Atai.” Xiao Yan could not help but laugh softly when he saw the person who stuck his head out. He beckoned with his hand to ask the latter to come in and smiled as he asked, “Has Xun Er and the others not returned yet?”

“Ke ke, that’s right. Senior Xun Er and the others brought nearly everyone away from ‘Pan’s Gate.’ Looking at the time, however, they should be back soon.” Atai rubbed his head and smiled as he ...

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