Chapter 494: Refining In Bulk (Teaser)

Chapter 494: Refining In Bulk

The next morning, the entire ‘Pan’s Gate’ began to operate like a machine. Early in the morning, Xun Er and the other two brought some people out of the new student area. After which, they rushed about the entire Inner Academy, purchasing the medicinal ingredients on the list Xiao Yan had given to them from all over the place.

After being busy for nearly an entire day, the group of them finally brought back excitement and fatigue as they hurried to the new student area.

Xiao Yan eyed the large pile of medicinal ingredients in front of him in a quiet, secret room in the small pavilion home. He saw the tiredness that remained on the faces of Xun Er and the other two. He involuntarily said with a gently smile, “You have worked hard.”

“These medicinal ingredients spent a total of one hundred eighty plus days of ‘Fire Energy.’ Originally, the four of us were unable to scrape together these ‘Fire Energy.’ However, Atai and the other members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ took the initiative to donate and supplement a little. Now, these medicinal ingredients are basically all the remaining property of ‘Pan Gate.’” Xun Er sighed.

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. He was slightly moved as he said, “You can rest assured. Remember the ‘Fire Energy’ that Atai and the rest donated will be rewarded. Once the medicinal pills are successfully sold,...

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