Chapter 493: Earning Fire Energy

Chapter 493: Earning Fire Energy

Xiao Yan carefully observed the expression of Lin Yan in front of him within the room. When he discovered that the red glow in his eyes was much better compared to back then, he nodded slightly and softly spoke, “Looks like the consumption of the ‘Ice Spirit Pill’ and the external application of the ‘Marrow Washing Cold Spirit Liquid’ have an extremely notable results with the removal of this ‘Fire Poison.’”

“Yes, it is indeed very effective. Each time after I train in the water in which one drop of ‘Marrow Washing Cold Spirit Liquid’ is placed, that water would turn as red as blood. Moreover, I also sensed the Fire Poison in my body swiftly becoming weaker.” Lin Yan’s face was filled with excitement. This problem which had worried him for a long while could finally be completely cured now. This was undoubtedly extremely good news for him.

“I think that if you use these medicines the way they should be used for another month, the Fire Poison in your body should be completely expelled.” Xiao Yan smiled and took out a bottle of ‘Ice Spirit Pill’ and ‘Marrow Washing Cold Spirit Liquid.’ These medicines were completely refined by him while he was in his retreat. Hence, he saved the trouble of refining them again at this moment.

Lin Yan snatched the two bottles...

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