Chapter 488: Liu Fei

Chapter 488: Liu Fei

Under Xiao Yan’s cold and indifferent words, Liu Fei’s expression gradually became ugly. Letting the Inner Academy construct a training room just for her? If these words were to be spread, it was likely that a large group of people would laugh to death. With the Jia Nan Academy’s position in the Dou Qi continent, forget about her being only a student that could be considered to have outstanding talent, even her older cousin brother Liu Qing, who could be considered to be quite renowned within the Inner Academy did not possess such a qualification. Therefore, these words that Xiao Yan had spoken were undoubtedly full of ridicule directed at her.

The entire area had become quiet under Xiao Yan’s words. There was a secretly surging pressure of a storm in the atmosphere, covering the area outside this training room.

Lei Na by the side had also recovered from Xiao Yan’s words. His expression immediately became so dark and solemn that it was frightening. His gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan while his somewhat hoarse voice containing suppressed anger shouted, “Brat, you’ve got guts!”

“Don’t you know the rules? Before you issue a challenge, you must press the challenge bell outside the training room. Are you trying to show that your strength is great by using your might to knock...

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