Chapter 486: Retreat

Chapter 486: Retreat

Xiao Yan clearly sensed his surroundings suddenly become much quieter after entering the third level. He lifted his head and eyed the pathway which was somewhat deserted when compared to the second level. He suddenly came to an understanding. It appeared that there was still only a small portion of students within the Inner Academy who had the qualification to enter the third level.

If one were to say that the students training on the first and second levels belonged to the basic level of the Inner Academy, the third and fourth levels should belong to those whose strength were at the middle level. The potential of this group of students was extremely great. They could become a member at the peak at any time. As for the students who could enter the fifth and sixth level, they were mostly people who had stepped into the peak level within the Inner Academy. They were a group of strong people who were most respected within the Inner Academy.

As this thought flashed across his heart, Xiao Yan had some gauge of his strength. He laughed bitterly. The strong people were indeed as numerous as clouds within the Inner Academy… Xiao Yan sighed in this manner within his heart. His gaze swept in all...

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