Chapter 484: A deal

Chapter 484: A deal

The shock on the gray-clothed man’s face continued for quite awhile before it slowly became fainter. He coldly looked at Xiao Yan and questioned, “Why should I believe that you have such ability? I once let quite a number of elites within the Alchemist Department check out the Fire Poison within my body, but all of them said it is not possible to dispel it. On what basis can you do it?”

“The depth in which you are afflicted with the Fire Poison is indeed the first time I have seen such a case.” Xiao Yan glanced at the face of the gray-clothed man where fury had once again surfaced. He continued on indifferently, “However, do you have any other choice now? Perhaps you yourself might have already sensed that the Fire Poison is currently quietly eroding your sense of reasoning. If it continues like this for a long time, I’m afraid that you might become a powderkeg that will explode at the slightest contact.”

The expression of the gray-clothed man changed slightly. These words of Xiao Yan had indeed hit the deepest part of his heart. The man hesitated for a moment before he tightened his fist and slowly turned it away from Xiao Yan’s front. He said in a deep voice, “Who exactly are you? If you really have the confidence to expel the Fire Poison in my body, you should likely not be a nobody.”

“New student Xiao Yan.” Xiao Yan smiled...

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