Chapter 481: Tou She Ancient Emperor

Chapter 481: Tou She Ancient Emperor

Tou She Ancient Emperor’s Jade?

Xiao Yan frowned slightly when he heard these strange words that came out from Xiao Yan’s mouth, and saw the stunned expression on her face. His hand tightly held the cool mysterious ancient jade and said, “You recognize this thing?”

Xun Er inhaled a deep breath of cool air. Her expression was changing rapidly. It was a long while later before she clenched her teeth and swiftly walked to Xiao Yan’s side. She said softly, “Xiao Yan ge-ge. Where did you get this from?”

“When the entire clan was moved, the Elders gave me to keep it safe.” Xiao Yan eyed Xun Er’s strange expression and his frown deepened a little. He asked in a deep voice, “What is it?”

“So it is this thing… the portion of the key which the Xiao clan holds is actually the Tou She Ancient Emperor’s Jade…” Xun Er’s gazed stared intently at the ancient jade in Xiao Yan’s hand. A thought in her heart swiftly surged and rolled like flood water. A moment later, she slowly closed her eyes before immediately opening them. The shock in her eyes gradually became calm when she did so.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge do not take this Tou She Ancient Emperor’s Jade...

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