Chapter 480: Tou She Ancient God’s Jade?

Chapter 480: Tou She Ancient God’s Jade?

Seeing Xiao Yan stunned as well as astonished manner, Ling Ying smiled and nodded. He bowed slightly toward Xun Er. “Young Lady (Young Lady)!”

Xiao Yan gradually recovered from his dumbfoundedness. When he heard the manner in which Ling Ying addressed Xun Er, his gaze involuntarily turned toward the latter. There was some relief in his eyes as he frowned slightly and said, “The both of you…”

“Ke ke, Young Master Xiao Yan. Around less than half a year after you have left Wu Tan City, I obeyed Young Lady’s dispatch and arrived at the Jia Ma Empire. I went to search for your traces and to quietly protect you along the way.” Ling Ying smiled and explained, “You should not blame Young Lady for making her own decision to intervene in your matter. It is just that the you then was alone and weak. It was extremely dangerous to venture out into the Jia Ma Empire alone. After arriving at the Jia Nan Academy,Young Lady was really worried. Hence, she got me to quietly go and protect you.”

“Originally, I was the final protection that the Clan Head arranged for Young Lady. During that period of time that I was not around her was perhaps the period of time when Young Lady’s protection was at its weakest. Now, you may perhaps vaguely know how enormous the faction behind Young Lady is. Hence, there are quite a number of people who have...

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