Chapter 479: The Changes of Pan’s Gate (Teaser)

Chapter 479: The Changes of Pan’s Gate

The warm sunlight scattered down as Xiao Yan walked out of the tower, causing Xiao Yan, who had stayed in the tower for a full five days, to have an impulse to simply lie down and not move. He covered his face with his hand and gazed at the blue sky through the gap between his fingers. He involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of fresh air with all his might. Although training in the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was able to let one train at a faster pace, that kind of dullness caused people’s hearts to be far too depressed.

The Inner Academy had also thought of this point, which was why the light within the tower was made such that it was warm but not gloomy. However, no matter what was done, the tower was ultimately a tower. No matter how sufficient the light was within the tower, it would still feel like a cage-like area in anyone’s eyes. Only by looking at the vast sky outside would one be able to feel one’s emotions opene up.

“No wonder the Inner Academy tries to think of all ways to prohibit students from staying in the tower for too long. By staying for a long time, a deformity might really form in one’s mentality…” Xiao Yan quietly muttered. Only then did he move his feet and walk along the path that slowly headed for the...

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