Chapter 478: Seven Star Da Dou Shi

Chapter 478: Seven Star Da Dou Shi

The invisible flame soared and burned within Xiao Yan’s heart. Threads of Dou Qi swarmed out unceasingly from the Dou Crystal. After which, they passed through the refinement of the flame, and once again returned to the Dou Crystal within the vortex.

Under this perfect cycle, the Dou Crystal, which was originally only the size of a thumb was already nearing the size of a pigeon egg. Moreover, the glow that was contained on the surface of it was becoming increasingly bright...

This change of the Dou Crystal naturally did not escape Xiao Yan attention. Since he was in a training state, he was not too certain just how long he had trained this time around. However, from looking at the powerful Dou Qi contained within the Dou Crystal, it appeared that he had already reached the peak of a six star Da Dou Shi. Perhaps he would be able to truly enter the seven star Da Dou Shi level very soon!

The Heart Flame rose endlessly near his heart, providing Xiao Yan with inexhaustible refining energy. All the cycles currently in Xiao Yan’s body were basically in a sort of an automatic process after having...

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