Chapter 477: Exploration and Meeting

Chapter 477: Exploration and Meeting

Xiao Yan walked along the spiral-shaped staircase for around five minutes before the sight in front of him suddenly became spacious. His body once again turned around a corner, and another spacious level within the tower appeared in his sight.

The size of the second level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ did not differ much from the first level. However, compared to the first level, it appeared a little more desolate. Moreover, it did not contain the congested feeling of the first level. Although there were small groups of students who were repeatedly walking past, it was undoubtedly much better compared to the the situation in the first level where even walking was difficult.

Xiao Yan’s appearance caused the students who had come out from the surrounding training rooms to get a temporary rest to feel somewhat strange. However, there was not much commotion. Everyone’s gaze shifted away after they swept over Xiao Yan’s body. They talked privately among themselves, appearing doubtful about why Xiao Yan was still able to come down at this time.

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze that was sweeping all around him. He was not too concerned about the gazes around him. He walked slowly and headed to the second level within...

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